Chartering a Yacht at Sea in Miami Beach, Florida

There are many places around the globe whose views, weather, and cities cater to those that want to rent a yacht and spend a day out at sea. Whether you are really into fishing, like to go dolphin watching, or just want to party with friends and family, Miami is a great spot. Filled with chartering companies around the city, it won’t be hard to find the perfect boat to your liking. There are big differences between sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and fishing boats, but the one thing they all have in common is the ability to find them anywhere around the city.
Most boat rental companies will offer four hour or 8-hour charters, and some even offer overnight packages if you want to go far and have a completely different experience.
Once you figure out what type of boat you want to rent, it’s time to find a reputable company to work with. Interested in a sailboat? Chances are you can find a company that specializes in sailboats. Yachts? You bet the same! The most common boat rented in Miami is a yacht, and the average size is about 55 feet. You have options at both extremes, 40-foot yachts all the way up to 140 footers! Of course, the bigger the boat, the more expensive the day will be.
Once you find a company that offers what you want, try to negotiate the best deal for yourself; these guys don’t get angry or offended when you try to negotiate because they are used to it. Many people come down to South Beach for a vacation, specifically to “flex” and spend money erratically. This always comes with those who can’t afford the lifestyle they want, so they go to extreme measures to get a deal for themselves.
When you come to an agreement on price, you’ll want to confirm that included in it is a captain and crew, snacks and drinks, and possible jet skies. The jet skies will depend on how big the yacht you want is. If it a 55′ or less, you most likely won’t be getting any jet skies included. However, if the boat is 80′ and up, there’s a good chance you will have them. All in all, there are a ton of avenues to take that will all lead you to getting the perfect boat charter in Miami Beach, but reading this guide should make it twice as fast and easy for you!